The 1st International Conference on  Advances in Engineering Science and Technology (AEST-2021) 

26-27 April 2021

Babylon, Iraq

Held by 

University of Babylon

Al-Qasim Green University


The 1st International Conference on Advances in Engineering Science and Technology (AEST-2021) is organized by two leading Iraqi universities; University of Babylon and Al-Qasim Green University. AEST-2021 is held in partnership with the British eSystems Engineering Society.

 The main intention of AEST-2021 is to provide opportunity for the academics and scholars to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts of the world. This conference brings together leading scientists and academics from different countries to promote the inspiration and collaboration to stimulate cutting edge research in this exciting research nexus.  This year’s topics of focus include civil, architectural, environmental, water resources, mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical and biomedical engineering.

Due to the impacts of coronavirus pandemic on the global economy, the organizers of AEST-2021 has decided to keep the registration and publication at the minimum amount to encourage academics and scholars, especially the third world countries, to join the conference.  

Conference Topics

Civil  Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Water resources Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

 Computer Engineering

 Chemical Engineering

 Biomedical Engineering

Our Speakers 

Prof. Rafid Al-Khaddar

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Prof. Jamila Mustafina

Kazan Federal University, Russia

Prof.Sunny Joseph Kalayathankal

Kerala University, India

Prof. Abbas Talib

Kufa University, Iraq